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What Are the Benefits of Safety Glasses With Side Shields?

There are thousands of people who wear glasses in their daily life. But as you know, wearing prescription glasses won't protect you from harmful UV rays or provide safety against eye injury.

There are thousands of people who wear glasses in their daily life. But as you know, wearing prescription glasses won't protect you from harmful UV rays or provide safety against eye injury. So to get protection against these injuries and UV rays, you should start wearing prescription safety glasses. Now the question arises of what safety glasses are. So, safety glasses are glasses that protect against UV rays and harmful material that causes eye injury.

Safety glasses provide higher protection than regular glasses and are of two types:

1. Prescription safety glasses

2. Non-prescription safety glasses

The lenses of prescription safety glasses are made of polycarbonate, providing ten times more resistance than the standard lens, which is made of glass or plastic. These prescription safety glasses provide 100 times more protection from UV rays.

These safety glasses are essential for people working in industries. Several workers get injured daily and don't even know that wearing them will protect their eyes. So all workers should start wearing safety glasses, goggles, and safety shields.

Reasons for Eye Injury

Most eye injuries happen in industries to the workers and are caused by small particles such as glass, dirt, or wood chips that get struck in the eye. When such an object gets stuck in an employee's eye, it causes eye injury because the size of the object is tiny.

Eye injuries can also happen when the eyes have been penetrated with metal or objects such as a nail. Some of the common hazards associated with eye injuries are:

1. Radiation

2. Chemicals

3. A substance that can damage your vision

4. Power tools and other equipment

Benefits of Safety Glasses With Side Shields

It is essential for employees to feel comfortable while they are wearing eye protection. When the employees of your company feel comfortable while wearing the required safety glasses, it usually results in them being more comfortable complying with the regulation and protocols.

Many workers are now aware of providing complete protection to their eyes, so they choose glasses with removable side shields. As you know, the side shields block dust, debris, and all foreign material. That is why building side shields in safety glasses are essential because they create a barrier between the outside environment and your eyes.

Although these safety glasses will be of no use if the employee leaves them on top of their heads instead of rolling them down over their eyes, protective glasses must be good enough so that the employees in your company will not be able to remove them while they are working.

There are also some features of safety glasses that are designed to prevent the lenses from clouding. If there is a chance that clouding can be an issue, then in such a case, there is protective eyewear that integrates a fog shield in addition to foam surrounding the lenses to provide extra comfort and protection.

What Are Side Shields?

Side shields are personal protective equipment designed to reduce the risk of unwanted dust particles or flying debris so that they won't get into the eyes through the gap of safety glasses. Most safety shields are built with safety glasses attached to them, while others can be bought separately and attached with a pair of glasses.

Why Do We Need Safety Glasses With Side Shields?

After knowing the benefits of safety glasses, we can see how important they are for us and as you know, they are developed to meet the proper standards. To make these safety glasses more beneficial, the addition of side shields is essential. In the past few decades, there have been significant improvements when it comes to safety glasses and other personal protective equipment.

The latest technology has allowed the addition of side shields in safety glasses and has proven effective and provides protection and an attractive look for those who want to add their style to the workplace.

Now the question arises of why adding side shields is essential in safety glasses. People also want to know the difference between wearing a safety glass with side shields and whether they are comfortable enough to wear.

So, safety glasses with side shields are attached to the frame and cannot be removed by anyone. If a worker is wearing side shields that can be clipped on, in this case, an employee can easily remove these clips and wear them when they are not working. Wearing these glasses with side shields protects different environments and hazards so that they won't get inserted into your eyes from the sides.

What Are Prescription Safety Glasses?

Prescription Safety Glasses is a combination of prescription eyeglasses, which also provide total protection from sunglasses. These safety glasses are made up of different materials and coatings. These Prescription Safety Glasses have their purpose and use, which suit certain lifestyles, personal habits, and work environments.

How these Prescription Safety Glasses are different from regular safety glasses? The lenses of these safety glasses are made up of polycarbonate lenses and trivex high index plastic.

Prescription sunglasses also protect you from UV rays and protect you from some eye diseases such as cataracts, photokeratitis, and solar retinopathy.

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