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How to Maintain Swimming Goggles?

Swimming prescription goggles act as your eyes while you are in the pool. It will not only provide you with the self-assurance to swim better, but it will also make your sessions more enjoyable and fun.

Swimming prescription goggles act as your eyes while you are in the pool. It will not only provide you with the self-assurance to swim better, but it will also make your sessions more enjoyable.

Swimming goggles, much like any other type of technical product, are prone to breaking easily. It is necessary to take very good care of them if one wishes to ensure that they last for years. And the good news is that maintaining your swimming goggles isn’t an uphill task!

By following a few simple steps, you can ensure their durability. The comfort of your swimming gear is also important to the enjoyment you get out of swimming.

So, in this article, there are a few tips on how you can maintain your sports glasses for swimming!

Tips to Maintain Swimming Googles

1. Never Put Your Fingers Inside The Your Goggles

When you touch the inside of your goggles too often, you run the risk of the lenses becoming fogged up while swimming which can be very dangerous. Also, when you try to clean the surface of your lenses with abrasive materials, such as paper towels or brushes with densely packed bristles, you may end up with the same result. Avoid poking your fingers while wearing the goggles and make sure that you clean them using soft material only.

2. Use Anti-Fog Solution More Often

It is recommended that a bottle of anti-fog goggles solution be kept in your swimming gear at all times. You can prevent your sweat from forming an obstructive haze by applying a thin layer of anti-fog solution to the inside of your goggles lenses and then giving them a quick rinse. This will help prevent your sweat from condensing into the haze.

You can also use alternative options like saliva, baby shampoo, non-abrasive toothpaste, and even shaving cream as anti-fog substitutes at times. The best part of using them is that these are just some of the items you might find in your bathroom cabinet or medicine cabinet.

3. Store Them Carefully

correctly storing your goggles is an essential component of providing them with the highest possible level of care. When you are getting ready to leave, you might feel tempted to just grab everything and run out the door.

However, to prevent your goggles from becoming dirty or scratched in any way, you shouldn't let them come into contact with your water bottle or earplugs. Keep your swimming goggles in a safe condition by putting them away in a case designed specifically for goggles when you are not using them. Store them in a cool and dry place. Also, make sure that you keep them back in the case after every use to ensure their safety.

4. Protect Your Swimming Goggles From Bright Sunlight

Make sure to keep your swimming goggles away from prolonged exposure to the sun as well as any contact with grime or grease, as these things can cause certain areas of your swimming goggles to deteriorate.

How To Take Care Of Your Swimming Goggles When Inside The Pool?

A coating that prevents fogging up will typically be found on the inside of the lens of a new pair of goggles. To prevent the lens from becoming fogged over, swimmers frequently rub the inside of their goggles with their fingers or a towel. Be careful! This method of de-fogging may cause damage and rub off the coating if used incorrectly.

If your goggles start to mist up, there are anti-fog sprays and de-fogging solutions that you can use to help keep the lenses clear for the next time you go swimming. Just give your goggles one or two quick spritzes with the solution before you jump into the water.

Some swimmers even use their tongues to clean the lens, a technique that is known to keep the lenses clearer for a longer period than other cleaning methods. Although, not everyone is comfortable using this technique. But for those who are, this technique works wonders!

How To Clean Your Swimming Goggles After You Have Used Them?

you must remove any debris from your swimming goggles as soon as possible after you have finished using them. This will allow them to perform more effectively, last for a longer period, and prevent scratching.

After giving your lenses a quick rinse in lukewarm water, you should buff them with a cloth made of microfibers. To clean the straps, first, massage soapy water into the straps, and then rinse the straps with clean water to remove the soapy residue.

Take extra precautions to ensure that your goggles' lenses and gaskets do not become contaminated with soap. The anti-fog coating on goggles is very thin and it can easily get removed by soap.

After you have finished washing your goggles, lay them out flat to dry so that the air can circulate them. If you put your wet goggles back into your swim bag, you run the risk of bacteria or mold growing on them.

Learning how to clean your swimming goggles properly will allow you to enjoy them for many years to come in pristine condition. It is important to remember to clean them regularly and carefully to maintain the best possible vision. This will clean up any chlorine, salt, or any chemicals found in pool water that have the potential to degrade the quality of swimming goggles.

However, you must exercise extreme caution to ensure that the lenses do not come into contact with anything - not your fingers, not a rough cloth, or anything that may damage it! This point cannot be emphasized enough; it is the cardinal guideline for ensuring that your goggles last as long as humanly possible.

If you rub your goggles harshly, you may end up damaging the thin film of anti-fog treatment on the swimming goggles, which will be irreversible. Also, when you stop swimming or take a break, do not pull your goggles up onto your forehead. This is because perspiration and heat can reduce the effectiveness of the anti-fog effect. Instead, remove your goggles and store them somewhere else, making sure that the insides of the lenses are exposed to air.

Wrapping Up

Swimming goggles are an important part of any swimmer's kit. They protect your eyes from water and chlorine, which can cause eye irritation and other health problems. Choose a pair that fits well and feels comfortable from SafetyGearCrafters. It is important to protect them from getting foggy or getting unnecessary scratches.

To make your swimming goggles last for years, you must take proper care of them. In this blog, we have discussed some easy and effective ways by which you can maintain your swimming goggles. Now maintaining your swimming goggles is no more a tiresome job!