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Cycling Glasses

Our Prescription Cycling Glasses have all been road-tested by cyclists at the top of their game.

With features such as interchangeable lenses, adjustable temples, and nose pads, you can be assured that your New Cycling Glasses from Safety Eyewear will meet your expectations.

We only make quality cycling sunglasses that are amongst the best on the market and come in a range of lens types. Used by well-known cyclists they are the first stop in the cycling glasses market.

Cycling sunglasses are an important part of your cycling experience. They work to protect your eyes from the sun, keep out dust and debris and make you look good while you are doing it.

Our cycling glasses, prescription cycling glasses, and cycling sunglasses collection will provide you with the best cycling glasses for your sport.

Our prescription cycling glasses can be manufactured as photochromic cycling glasses, with various colors and tints added to them to match your prescription.

Our cycling glasses come in a variety of mirrored tints with 100% UVA/UVB Protection with Distortion-Free Clarity lenses so are perfect for use as cycling sunglasses.

Our prescription cycling glasses are available in a range of colored tints including amber and yellow and can also be purchased with coatings. These coatings can include anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-reflective which can help increase your visual clarity while you are on the road.

Cycling Glasses & Sunglasses FAQs

What are the best cycling glasses?

In our experience, this will depend on your unique requirements but we have found the Wiley X collection to be amongst the best cycling glasses available. This is due to their Shatterproof lenses and 100% UVA / UVB protection. The Wiley X collection is also available in a range of mirrored lenses, colored lenses, and comfortable face-hugging frames.

How do I choose cycling glasses?

How your glasses fit your face will be important to you when cycling. Your frame should be close fitting to your face, with no additional pressure points behind your ears or on your nose. You should have a wide field of vision to ensure you can identify potential hazards and the frame should not obstruct your view. Our prescription Cycling glasses are unisex frames and so will provide a one-size fits for you to choose from but some of the frames have unique features that will suit some better than others. You can try all of our nonprescription glasses and return them for a 100% refund to ensure that you have the correct ones for your needs.
Some of the frames will have adjustable nose pads and temple arms which will help keep them securely on your face. Many of our cycling glasses are manufactured with rubber nose pads and rubber temple arms to keep them secure under sweaty, hot conditions while you cycle.
You should also consider trying the glasses on with your helmet in place. This will let you know whether the frame will be suitable for your existing equipment.
If you are purchasing a tint on your lenses you should also consider which color will be best for your environment. Brown or Grey will help with bright and sunny conditions while yellow or amber will aid with low light conditions.
If you are looking for a coating for your cycling glasses you can apply this in the prescription cycling glasses section. Coatings to consider would be anti-fogging or anti-reflective, both very useful when you are out on the road.
The price of your cycling glasses or prescription cycling glasses will depend on the additional elements that you add to them and not just the power of your prescription. Your glasses will be supplied with a hard carry case and a retainer cord.

Why do cyclists wear yellow glasses?

Within our environment, blue light is the most dominant light around us. This blue light means that our ability to see the contrast is greatly reduced. Cyclists wear yellow lenses on their glasses to help filter out the blue light which enhances the contrast around them. Yellow tints are favorable in low light conditions such as a cloudy day and can help to improve vision.

What colour of lens is best for cycling?

It is generally accepted that rose or amber tints are the optimum tints for cycling. These tints provide great contrast and field of vision and can be beneficial in both low light and sunny conditions. The contrast that these colors provide is second to none and therefore are used by those cycling on roads due to the clarity that they provide.

Do you need polarized glasses for cycling?

You may have just started cycling or been riding for a while with just your normal sunglasses as your cycling glasses. This may have worked for you and if so then you might not need to consider polarized glasses. You will know if you need polarized glasses if the sunlight coming off your surroundings is affecting your vision. Polarized lenses work to reduce the glare in your surroundings, it does this by blocking the horizontal light that bounces off a reflected object. However polarized lenses have pros and cons and can also affect depth perception and so should be carefully considered before being purchased.
They are recommended for those who live in sunny conditions or who regularly cycle beside the water.
Depth perception can be considered insignificant as it varies from person to person.
They can help to reduce eye strain.
As polarized lenses reduce horizontal light, reflected objects can be harder to identify on the road.
Digital displays on your bike might be harder to read.
Polarized lenses can be more expensive than others.

What are the best prescription sunglasses for cycling?

We have chosen the most popular prescription cycling sunglasses and put them on this page for you.

Is Prizm lenses better than polarized lenses?

Our PRIZM Polarized lenses are great for helping with glare reduction and are recommended for cycling. They work by enhancing colors in the surroundings using hyperspectral imaging. This is in contrast to standard polarized lenses which allow all colors through.

What are the key benefits of Your Prizm Lenses?

Our Prizms sharpen your visual acuity to help you see more clearly and react faster to your surroundings. They also enhance color recognition through hyperspectral imaging.
They also make it easier to see moving objects while cycling.

Do Your Prizm Lenses Block UV?

Yes. Our Prizm lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers.
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