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Motorcycle Sunglasses

Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses

On the road, your eyesight is your most valuable defense against accidents; having a clear view of traffic, road conditions, and oncoming hazards is your first step in being able to avoid them. The correct lenses will improve contrast and quicken your reaction time to give you your best chance of avoiding crashes and incidents.

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Nearly all sports sunglasses are made with the shatter-resistant material polycarbonate. Prescription motorcycle glasses and sunglasses can be made with this or other shatter-proof materials such as Trivex or SR-91. All of these materials are tested to withstand extreme impact, which is definitely important for motorcycle use. Impact protection isn’t only necessary in case of an accident; at high speeds, even small types of debris become a hazard that will shatter your regular street lenses.

If you want to keep yourself safe on your next ride and keep the sun out of your eyes, having the correct eye gear is imperative. Not only are you protecting yourself and your eyes, but your improved vision will make you a safer driver for others around you as well. If you have any questions about our motorcycle sunglasses or prescription motorcycle glasses, contact us today and let us help you find the kind of prescription lenses you need.

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