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Fishing Sunglasses

Safety Eyewear offers a range of polarized lenses for fishing sunglasses to help you catch those elusive fish!

Our polarized fishing sunglasses are available in a selection of colors and frames allowing you to choose those that suit you best.

The polarized lenses work to cut glare from the water and the sun, which will help you to avoid squinting and the subsequent eye strain.

Our best-polarized fishing sunglasses will help you see through the surface of the water, helping you to catch your next big fish!  Don't go home empty-handed!

See our FAQs for further information on the difference between our colored lenses and which ones you should choose for which type of fishing that you are doing.

If you have any questions about our glasses you can contact us via the chat button (bottom right hand side) Monday – Friday 9-5pm or via email at info@safetyeyewear.netm.

We carry Prescription fishing sunglasses, and Polarized fishing Sunglasses which are suitable for fishing but you can apply polarized lenses to any of our in house frames.

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses FAQs

What are the best polarized sunglasses for fishing?

Most of our fishing customers select our polarized fishing sunglasses as their preferred choice. This is due to their extreme robustness and great polarized lenses.

Do any polarized sunglasses work for fishing?

Polarized lenses minimize the glare that you experience from the water on sunny days. Any polarized lenses you buy should have UV protection and should be the correct color for the task that you are doing.

What color polarized lenses are best for fishing?

Our research has shown that brown or amber polarized lenses are the optimum choice for most of our customers who are fishing. But this depends on what the conditions are that you are in.

IS 100 UV protection the same as polarized?

In short, no! UV protection will prevent UV radiation from reaching your eyes. Polarization will stop the glare of the sun allowing you to see clearer.

How do I know if my glasses are polarized?

You can do a simple test to find this out. Hold your glasses in the horizontal position in front of a computer or TV screen. You should be able to see the screen through the lenses. Rotate the glasses to the vertical position, if polarized your lenses should be black.

Can I use Blue Mirror Polarized Lenses for Fishing?

Yes, you can. Blue Mirror - you could use a grey base and a blue mirror finish. This combination reduces glare and offers good contrast. It is best used for very sunny days and open water fishing.

Can I use Silver Mirror Polarized Lenses for fishing?

Yes. You should choose a copper base and a silver finish. This will help to provide enhanced color recognition. This lens type is best for freshwater fishing and variable light conditions.

Can I use Grey polarized lenses for fishing?

These are the closest to normal sunglasses and provide a natural contrast when fishing in mid to high sun conditions. These are amongst the most versatile of lenses and can be used while land or water fishing.

Can I Use Yellow Polarized Lenses for Fishing?

These lenses are best for first thing in the morning or at dusk. Yellow lenses are excellent in low light conditions and will help your eyes during periods of low light. In high light conditions, one of the other lens colors might suit you better.
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